I have been really taken with shutters lately. I have been wanting to use them in all my properties and on all my job sites since I installed them in my own home, and I’ve had a lot of great luck convincing the customers that it will really meet their needs and bring a positive impact to their space. shutters I originally had to be convinced to put up shutters in my own home, but my wife insisted on it and she knew what she wanted and why. The shutters really added to the look and feel that we have in our space, and it made it much easier to use the windows that we have above our bed. I never liked to keep the window blinds open at night, because there is just too much light that comes in from the neighborhood. So when we would open the windows for the breeze and then shut the blinds to keep out the light, we were never able to actually experience and enjoy the breeze. But with shutters, you are able to get the breeze in through the slits in the shutters, and yet still have the window closed to the light. It has worked really well for us, and we are happy that we can now use our windows and leave them open when we are sleeping. The other benefit is that they add a nice look and feel that you don’t get from blinds. That is the part that I love the most, and why I try to sell my customers on it.

We got our order of shutters for the house from the Fine Shadings company that is where I have gotten other house and window products in the past. They have always been really helpful and fully stocked, so we went there to see what they had in stock for the shutters. Now, this is pretty much where I go all the time when I am doing a job and need to order shutters. They carry the hunter douglas brand, and those are a higher quality and better fit for most window frames than what I have found in other stores around town. It makes sense to have a place that you always go for the same product, and I really enjoy that I am able to build that relationship with my supplier as I convince more and more of my clients to go with the shutters on their newly remodeled windows instead of the traditional blinds and window treatments. I am just hoping that everyone else sees that same benefit as I do, and is able to experience the benefits of putting the shutters on the windows. In the end, it may be about personal taste and preference, and that is okay. Some clients don’t want to use shutters. But I do hope that everyone is at least able to give it a try and see if it will work well for them in the long run. I install them, and the client loves them.

When I think about all of the ways that a big company can improve their service and bottom line, efficiency is probably the most pressing.  Efficiency has become a cliche word in business and I think that that has something to do with the fact that it is a quality that every single business wants to have.  They would do just about anything possible to maintain a high level of customer service and achieve a greater rate of efficiency.  In my mind, I think that it comes down to the fact that a number of the larger businesses out there just don’t have the capacity to focus on how to become more efficient.  Nevertheless, I do have to point out that there are tools out there to help in the process.  One of these tools is a stock management system that monitors exactly what is in the stock of the store or business and helps the manager manage all of the systems down the supply chain.

stock management systemThe benefit of a tool like this is that it takes a lot of the personal involvement with the management of an inventory out of the equalization.  The less time that someone has to spend with that sort of manual counting system, the better and in many cases, it would allow for people to develop a greater understanding and ability of what that could open up for then entire business.  If I were to own a restaurant, I would hope that we could develop a system that tracks our inventory using sophisticated software so that my employees could better focus on interfacing with customers. With enough faith in your employees, the benefit of this is that they could derive even more business from existing customers and find some new business prospects along the line.  I do hope that we will be in the process of developing something like this where I work.

We are all in the fundraising business and as a result, we try to spend as much time as possible with our donors.  Being able to interface with them and spend more time in front of who they associate with means that we can make more money for the organization.  In very much the same way, we would benefit from an inventory management system that allows for us to immediately know what benefits we have left to give to the donor.  This would be the case should we want to put someones name on the wall or do something in their legacy.  It would help us out immensely.  My thought is that in doing so, there is a strong chance that we could soon be able to offer real time answers and process gifts immediately, which is not always the case.  I could picture a system whereby we use iPads to navigate gift and make sure that they reach their appropriate destinations. That would benefit both us and the customers a lot.  I wonder how much that would cost for the organization.


While we often hear on the news about uranium being used for weapons in countries that we do not have a great relationship with, the vast majority of uranium is used for nuclear power. In the United States alone nuclear power accounts for twenty percent of the energy that Americans use every day. That number is expected to increase world wide over the next decades because generally nuclear energy is seen as a better option than fossil fuels. There are a number of different uranium mines all across the United States but the main concentration of uranium mines is in an area called the four corners. This is the area where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado all meet. One of the uranium mining companies in this area is Energy Fuels which is based out of Colorado but have operations, employees, and properties are located in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, and New Mexico which are pretty much all of the states with large uranium deposits. Currently, Energy Fuels owns and controls the only conventional uranium processing facility in the United States. This mill is called the White Mesa Mill and it is near Blanding, Utah. Currently, White Mesa has an operating capacity of 2,000 tons of uranium every day and it has the potential to process up to 8 million pounds of uranium every year. The White Mesa uranium processing facility also has the added feature of being able to process vanadium, which comes from some of the other mines around the area.
uranium At the moment, Energy Fuels is the largest holder of uranium in the United States. The company controls a little bit more than thirty-three million tons of resources that contain uranium across all sorts and grades. To match their high processing capacity Energy Fuels also owns a 16.5% interest in Virginia Energy Resources Corp., which is the owner of the Coles Hill Projects which owns the largest known uranium deposit in the United States. This combined with a number of different areas of interest is making Energy Fuels the top company in the United States for uranium extraction and processing in the United States.
While the U.S. does produce a lot of uranium, a large part of which is owned or controlled by Energy Fuels in Colorado, the U.S. still imports most of its uranium. Over ninety percent actually of our uranium comes from outside of the U.S., mostly from Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, Africa which is better, but not really all that much better or even different than where we are currently getting our oil from. Different people will focus on different benefits or negatives from this change in energy possibilities but in the end what it comes down to is that we do not have all of the answers yet and we are still making mistakes. At least we are getting closer though and as we learn more and more about energy possibilities we are getting closer to finding an option that is not so dangerous for our planet.

http://wwww.livingmorefully.comFor one reason or another, there is often a stigma attached to psychotherapy Many people feel you should be able to resolve your issues on your own, and looking to another person, especially a professional, is a sign of weakness.  This is especially true for males in our society (you know, the ones who will not ask for directions even though they are hopelessly lost).  However, we all need to be mindful of this stigma and to crush it, because all types of people, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, social class, or whatever, can benefit from psychotherapy.  It can help people to resolve nagging issues from their past, e.g. their childhood or past a relationship, develop and maintain most lasting relationships, discover or rediscover purpose in their life, boost their energy, gain acceptance, or a wide variety of other issues.  You can find therapy for gay men, therapy for straight men, therapy for couples, therapy for families, therapy for juveniles, and the list goes on and on.

I reached a point in my life once where therapy really helped me out.  I had fallen into a rut, and I was living an unhealthy life, just kind of floating through my days.  Simply sitting down with someone outside of my group of friends and family helped me to identify many of the issues that were bothering me and how to resolve them going forward.  It is always a work in progress, finding joy and meaning in our lives, but simply beginning that process of growth can be all that we need to rediscover ourselves.  I have a very close friend who, at an early age, went through an extremely painful divorce.  Her husband and her decided, after they had been married, that they wanted two very different lives.  He wanted to continue down a professional path that was going nowhere, putting them further into debt, and straining their relationship.  Rather than working through things with my friend, he simply got angry all the time with his frustrations.  He became verbally abusive, and many of the things he said to my friend stuck with her for a long time.  Seeing a psychotherapist helped her to move on, appreciate herself again, and go forward with her life.

From family members to close friends, I have personally seen the change and positivity psychotherapy can bring to a person’s life.  And, I have seen it in myself.  So whether or not you need therapy for yourself, more focused gay couples therapy, therapy for your entire family because of a traumatic event, or any other kind of therapy, it is important to take the first step and schedule an appointment.  When you visit a therapist, know that they are there for you.  You are the one doing the interviewing and question asking just as much as they are.  Don’t be afraid to visit several psychotherapists before you make your final decision on who to go forward with.  You want to make sure you find a person you can trust and that you feel is invested in you.


One of the things that I really appreciate about growing older is your ability to look back at some of the things that you have experienced and see just how much you have grown as an individual.  I am not trying to make this a commentary on how we are as a community or a society, but I think that many more people would benefit from being able to look back and be introspective about their lives.  Nevertheless, in working with the same organization for almost two and a half years, I have learned quite a bit of information and tact about working in a professional atmosphere.  I continue to improve in my job and I was actually awarded a promotion and that was something very special for me.  I greatly appreciated being able to go back and look at those accomplishments to see what I did right and what I would be able to do better in the future.  I would look to that kind of growth for everything that I do.

e-commerce website developmentIn looking back, I think that one of the most beneficial things to happen to me at the organization is the development of a new website. Since we developed this new website, we have been able to attract more and more people to some of the work that we are doing and I appreciate that we have the ability to tell people that they can interact and learn more about what we do in that kind of setting.  It is not often that people want to change the community, so it is nice to be able to have that kind of influence on people that you are just meeting or want to impact for the very first time.  Nevertheless, for a long time we were hamstrung by our website.  The website design was not user friendly and that has a huge impact on your ability to drive people there.  As a result, we often tried to describe things, but people now want to be able to visually see the options for themselves.  That actually makes me think that much of the development on the web is geared toward people that are more visual learners.  I would not be surprised, as a result, to find out that many more people in my generation are visual learners as opposed to those that are from older generations.

Nevertheless, I guess that I was kind of getting away from the point that it was really nice to be able to find more and more people utilizing our website because it was so much better designed.  I just hope that we have the potential to continue our impact in that area.  I am excited about our prospects of developing a website that is much more like an e-commerce site than one of the regular low-cost nonprofit websites that you would run across elsewhere.  I think that the impact of this on the community could be huge and ever growing.  As a result, I am excited to see what we can take that kind of knowledge and what impact that could actually have.

I love it when I talk to new people and during some point in the conversation they ask if I am from around town and I say yes and then they ask what part of town I live in and then I just smile real big and say, “all over.”

The reason why I can big so ambiguous about where I live is that I live pretty much anywhere I feel like it. I might live on the north side of town on Tuesday and the west side come Friday night, and I may wake up under a bridge pass, close to the town down area on Monday morning and I can do it all because I live in my Acura MDX. Living in my MDX since 2005 has been a trip, literally! I have been in my house all across America and I have seen so many beautiful place s and met so many amazing people.

It all started about a week after I bought my MDX from my local Mile High Acura, I was driving home and really enjoying myself along the way. I had my brand new radio up high and I was taking the long way home. By the time I pulled into my driveway, I felt in my heart that I could never go back inside that “house “again. I sat there for a long time, watching my kids play in the front yard, and just massaging the plush, leather steering wheel of my new Acura, then I opened the window and waved goodbye to my old life and pulled back out and started moving down the street in my new house. I have never looked back and never regretted it.

From that day on it has been a life of constant luxury and freedom inside my new mobile living quarters. People look and me and wish they had the kind of freedom and wanderlust that I do. I am always gone and I am always home. If I get sleepy, I turn up the heating system and tune the radio to a little relaxing oldies station and have a nap. If I want food I go to the drive through and heat at home in the parking lot. I am never bored and I never stay in one place for too long. I have considered investing in a, Acura RDX model just for a change in air and one day maybe, but for now I am too comfortable in this one. The walls, seats, and glass of my home are just filled with too many memories for me to let her go right now. I might retire into another vehicle, something more suited for an older man but I am still young now and I am going to keep on moving along. The next time you are in your car and on your way home and you stop at a red light, ask yourself, “What if I were home all the time?” that’s what I did and I think I am one of the happiest guys alive.

With toddlers in your house, having an emergency plumber on stand-by is completely necessary.  I don’t understand why they want to throw everything down the toilet.  Thankfully it’s just a phase that they will soon grow out of.  My three year old son has thrown in my makeup, Q-tips, bobby pins, toilet paper wads, and once he even tried to flush the cat down.  I guess it has to do with that curiosity phase mixed with the new discovery of your own danger boundaries as well as those of your parents.

plumberThe first toilet clog we had was shortly after our son got pretty good at walking around on his own.  That part of a baby’s growth kind of sneaks up on you and in my case I hadn’t really “baby proofed” all areas of the house yet.  Toilets are low to the ground and there is running water involved, so they are like little kid magnets.  I think the first incident was comprised of mostly unrolled toilet paper, I guess since it was so close to the toilet.  There was a fresh roll on the rack when he found it and by the time I found him the entire roll was unraveled into the toilet bowl and in the process of being flushed.  My attempts to stop the clog with a plunger were unsuccessful and I think made it worse.  We only have one bathroom in our home so I couldn’t let this go until Monday, I had to call the emergency line to have everything unclogged.  It was a simple fix for the plumber that came, he had a drain snake with him and got everything out quickly.  I remember at the time joking with him that I would probably see him again soon now that my son was mobile and curious.  Now, I realize that it wasn’t a joke at all.

About two weeks later I had to call the plumbing emergency line again because my son dumped an entire box of action figures into the toilet and again wanted to see what would happen when he flushed it.  Those little buggers were much harder to get out because they don’t really clump together well due to their different shapes.  There are probably still some army men somewhere in the pipes leading out to the city’s sewage.  In this case the plumber had to turn the toilet on its side and remove the problem from underneath, then reattach it to the ground with sealant.  Sadly this also was not the first time that I would watch this process happen.  Each time something happened my son and I had a long talk about listening to directions after the action figure clog and I thought that was it until the time, a while later, when he was potty training and thought it would be ok to flush his soiled underpants down with the toilet paper.

Over the years I learned a great deal about plumbing problems thanks to my son.  Now that we have a second child on the way I know all the right steps to take to prevent my many calls to the plumber.


One of the things that I have discovered recently is that you can buy nearly everything that you ever need to buy from the hardware store online. No longer do I have to run down there a few times when I am in the middle of a project, or back and forth a few times in one week because they were out of that sized screw that I was looking for. There is just no reason to do that anymore, because you can actually order all the things that you would need from the hardware store online. They have online portals now where you can place your order and pick it up in the store, or you can place your order and have it shipped to your house. There is just no reason really not to go this route. I understand there are sometimes things that happen that need to be taken care of immediately. If you lose several light bulbs all in one night, and you need new ones so you can see to cook dinner, you head out to the store to buy a package. And the hardware store is certainly cheaper for that than the grocery store or the mini mart on the street corner. But for me, I always know what types of projects I am going to be starting, and because of that I always start to make a mental list of what I am going to need to complete that project. Then, on the day that I want to start it I will head down to the hardware store to get what I need. But sometimes they are out of the product that I want or the item that I really needed for the project. This is why hardware store online ordering is so much better. Because I can order all the parts and pieces that I need, and then when they arrive in the mail I can start the project.  hardware store online

In the past I would start the project, and they would be out of something. Or I would have to head back again because I forgot that I needed something. But this way, I think about the project for a few days. Then I start to put together a list of things that I need. After a few days of thinking about the list, I’m pretty confident that I remembered everything that I need. That is when I will pull up the hardware store online ordering portal and put in my order. And everything is there, they are no out of anything this way. Then I have a few more days to think about how I’m going to complete the project, and the items all arrive in my mail. I plan for the next full day that I have, and get started on the project. I often don’t even have to hit up the hardware store in town because I have been able to order all the parts and things that I am going to need to complete it.

radon mitigation

For those of you who think that buying a house is a lot of hassle (not to mention money), I suggest that you try selling one to see what hassle really feels like. First you have to hire a home inspector to give your house the green light and seal of approval it needs to be put to market. Then, with whatever remaining money you have you need to fix any glaring cosmetic defects (not structural, those would have been covered by the home inspector and presumably fixed at this point) that might make your house less likely to sell. The list of these things would be far too mundane to type but they are usually the small things that home buyers would only notice if they were amiss. One thing we didn’t consider was hiring a company to do radon reduction to clear our house of a poisonous gas. That’s right, to add to the fact that we were already flat broke we now had to contact a radon abatement company that could help us not only locate the areas where radon was at a high concentration but to put in a system of filtrations and vents to prevent it from ever building up again. I must say that at first I was thoroughly annoyed with having to spend the extra money on this device but the more I learned about how severe Radon gas is I began to think differently.

I learned through research that the people who fail to administer radon abatement make up a large majority of the over 21,000 deaths a year in the United States. That is an incredibly high number of people who could have easily avoided a serious illness. The problem of radon exposure only gets worse over time so the longer you put off getting your home tested the more dangerous it can be for me.

By calling S.W.A.T. Environmental you can ensure your family’s health and safety for years to come. It is a one time installment of a filter on the outside of your house that works in a clever, gravity-fed way to whisk the dangerous gas away from your house and into the atmosphere. I recommend that you give them a call today to see if your house is one that has been afflicted by radon gas. They will send you a small metal box known as a radon gas detector. It has a simple wand at the end of it that you can use to take precise measurements of radon gas in various spots in your house. Radon mitigation companies such as S.W.A.T. Environmental recommend that you choose the lowest topographical point in your house to get the most accurate measurements. Because radon is such a heavy noble gas it tends to sit in these areas and gather strength in it’s concentration.

If the technician comes out to do a manual test of your home he/she will release a colored smoke into the house and that allows them to follow the flow of air in your house.

A great deal has been said about how motion control systems are making tremendous strides in how quickly and accurately we can make things.  Automation has made the world of manufacturing very precise, reliable, and able to work with smaller and smaller pieces all the time, to the point where producing computer chips on the nanometer scale (that is, with mere nanometers (one billionth of an inch) between their circuits) is not only possible but so quick and cheap that we have advanced microprocessors in almost every electrically powered object that we own.  It is quite amazing, especially when you consider how short a time ago it was that such vital electronic components as the transistor were invented.

But another place where we are seeing incredible advances in the use of robotics and precision motion control systems is in the world of medicine.  Not only has medicine benefited from the conventional uses of motion controlled manufacturing, but increasingly in the actual performance of surgery itself.  It has been true for years that medical technology has been getting smaller and smaller, just like every other field of manufacture.  For example, pacemakers (devices that keep the heart beating regularly by using electrical impulses that keep the heart in rhythm) have shrunk dramatically as the technology in them has progressed from transistors and chemical batteries into the world of microprocessors, lithium and other heavy metal batteries, and extreme miniaturization.  This has been a boon to anybody who needs medical hardware implanted in them, as the smaller sizes (and better manufacturing) make for fewer issues in the surgical process.

precision motion control systems

But beyond the construction of medical devices, precision motion systems are increasingly being used to perform actual surgery.  From brain surgery to complicated joint operations to countless other complex medical procedures, the margin of error that a human surgeon – no matter how skilled – can be far greater than any chance that a rational patient would want to take.  Even the best surgeons only have two hands and two eyes, and they can only work up to standards that humans are capable of (although they are usually very exceptionally skilled human beings).  In a lot of cases, using a computer controlled device to actually perform the cutting, stitching and other surgical processes can be much more precise and quick than a human surgeon.  That means that patients have better chances of quick recoveries, and have fewer chances of there being complications.  Many robotic surgery tools can even enter the body through a relatively small incision, eliminating the need for the patient to have large wounds simply from the surgeon needing enough space to see and get his hands into what he needs to operate on.  And that means that the patient suffers a lot less trauma on their body, again helping to ensure a quicker and safer recovery.

In the future, we may even see surgical robots that operate autonomously, removing even more chance of human error – although they will need to be really, really good before I’d let them operate on me!